coachellathumb.jpgAs reported Thursday, two seperate real world events occured this weekend within the ARG The Art Of The Heist. However, in an interesting turn of events, only one retrieval mission was a success. Players of the game were ecstactic as the New York interaction with DJ Will Star went off without a hitch, and shocked as the mission at the Coachella Music Festival was a complete bust.

Community members bagsbee and rose were front and center at The Scratch DJ Academy on Friday night to meet with Will Star, who teaches at the academy. The package was received and, once opened, another valuable SD card was available for the players to look over.

The excitement generated by the successful New York mission was magnified, as the Coachella event on the west coast started well. Hitshermark, Jane, SMG3er, and Kiyash kept players at the Unfiction forums in the loop as they enjoyed their day at the festival — Jane even documented her arrival and some of the set-up of the mission on her blog. Then, as players across the world watched on the webcast, the mission was aborted amid accusations from the in-game characters (who were heard on an audio feed accompanying the video images) that the retrieval team was working for the other side. Whether or not the retrievers knew beforehand that they were going to be caught in this plot twist remains to be seen, but onlookers in the #heist chatroom (of openly wondered if Nisha, the in-game coordinator of the mission, had somehow sabotaged the mission.

All in all, these events kept players on the edge of their seats this weekend. The plot, which has unfolded into a complex, Hollywood-grade story, has kept players wanting more, and it seems that the game designers are more than willing to give the players everything they can. As the game moves into its third month, the question is: what are they going to do next?

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