Lonelygirl15: The End (Or the Beginning?)

Although the post itself on the Lonelygirl15.com forum is currently unreachable, a new message tonight has a lot of confused fans wondering if the puppetmasters have stepped out from behind the curtain.

To Our Incredible Fans,

Thank you so much for enjoying our show so far. We are amazed by the overwhelmingly positive response to our videos; it has exceeded our wildest expectations. With your help we believe we are witnessing the birth of a new art form. Our intention from the outset has been to tell a story– A story that could only be told using the medium of video blogs and the distribution power of the internet. A story that is interactive and constantly evolving with the audience.

Right now, the biggest mystery of Lonelygirl15 is “who is she?” We think this is an oversimplification. Lonelygirl15 is a reflection of everyone. She is no more real or fictitious than the portions of our personalities that we choose to show (or hide) when we interact with the people around us. Regardless, there are deeper mysteries buried within the plot, dialogue, and background of the Lonelygirl15 videos, and many of our tireless and dedicated fans have unearthed some of these. There are many more to come.

To enhance the community experience of Lonelygirl15, which you have already helped to create, we are in the process of building a website centered around video and interactivity. This website will allow everyone to enjoy the full potential of this new medium. Unfortunately, we aren’t programmers. We are filmmakers. We are working furiously to complete the website, and hope to have it up and running shortly.

So, sit tight. You are the only reason for our success, and we appreciate your devotion. We want you to know that we aren’t a big corporation. We are just like you. A few people who love good stories. We hope that you will join us in the continuing story of Lonelygirl15, and help us usher in an era of interactive storytelling where the line between “fan” and “star” has been removed, and dedicated fans like yourselves are paid for their efforts. This is an incredible time for the creator inside all of us.

Thank you.

Posters on Alissa Brooke’s forum, set up as an out-of-game space to discuss the Lonelygirl15 phenomenon, point out that the message was posted in a new subforum, which the thread originator would have needed administrator privileges to create. This indicates that the message could be on the level.

The reaction to the announcement should be interesting, since to many people it was not the plot that was captivating, but the story behind the story. Will folks continue to watch now that it’s just another internet drama?

Update: The LA Times says there is evidence that Bree’s emails originated from an IP address belonging to Creative Artists Agency, who, coincidentally, represent 42 Entertainment (along with about a jillion other people, famous or otherwise).


  1. Bianca

    I hope that y’all realize that there are going to be a LOT of disappointed people.

  2. Lonely

    It is a real post. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from watching the videos. My favorite is “Swimming” – the song on there is unforgetable.

  3. Jeffrey


  4. Nick

    So… after checking out the Wikipedia article and noticing the 10 12 06 reference in the occult section at the bottom, I’ve put two and two together. Anyone been in Midtown NYC since the MTV VMAs and seen those black posters with a blue circle and blue arrow in them. And the date 10/12/06 on them… eh? eh?