Top Ten Reasons I Love Sammeeeees

letter.jpgEvery so often, we at ARGNet are fortunate enough to get a reader submission for an article. Today, we’re happy to be able to share konamouse’s Top Ten Reasons She Loves Sammeeeees:

10. Characters are well played both on video and via their emails. Psyche!
9. Play the game, get a T-shirt.
8. Thursday night trivia game always leads to a video.
7. Ima Spoocheeeee sends smoocheeeees to distract Mr Alan Johnson.
6. Puzzles that don’t make you feel dumb.
5. Great soundtrack.
4. Online séance and a singing nun in the shower.
3. You can’t help but smile when you say “Spoocheeeee”, “Sammeeeees” and “hoopsssssthoo”.
2. Higg’s is so sexy when he’s all fired up.
1. We have our own cool slogan: SAVE THE FIVE, SAVE THE WORLD

Often we chat in #sammeeeees about why we are enjoying this ARG. This is an ARG with a great story; great characters; and puzzles that are not overly complicated. Maybe its the responsiveness of the PMs in addressing our concerns. When we got upset at the idea of players having to choose sides, the PMs made sure we knew that we should stay on one side and that there would be an in-game method to avoid the evil Mr. Alan Johnson from getting inappropriate information. When we voiced our concerns about having to pick someone to hold the Spoocheeeee disc pieces they had a character provide us with an idea on how to do it in a fair manner. And when a potential gamejacker showed up, the PMs used the most appropriate character to deliver a message that kept us from falling for it.

We have become emotionally invested in these characters. Many of them because of the videos where personalities are very apparent. But also through their email interactions that are consistent in tone and match the character profiles. These PMs have tried to spread the wealth; responding to newcomers to the game, but maintaining continuity. They have responded to players interjecting our own personal bias and seem to have fun with teasing relationships that have developed. Characters even react to player life events and remember personal preferences. Several sent Birthday wishes to one of the players on MySpace this week.

Throughout the game players have been sent t-shirts and each package has a simple clue to a new blogspot that advances the story. Every Thursday we get a fun puzzle/trivia quest that yields a new video and from that another trail of websites and contact information with new characters. While one major character is partial to Cyndi Lauper, we’ve also had a modified “Mack the Knife”, “California Dreaming” and now we are deep into the music of “Les Miserables”.

While this game has been labeled ‘grassroots’, the PMs have been very professional in its execution. We have had live meets set up (in character), timely updates, and a very tight curtain (well, I have some suspicions, but haven’t wanted to pursue them). Our new players say it’s well paced and although the PMs give out hints for solves (when we’re a little slow on the update), they don’t come right out and tell us the answer – they find appropriate in-game means. The players have great respect for these PMs and we hope they are at ARGFest so we can show off our “Friend of Peeps” shirts wearing our Tin Hats.


  1. Jetamo

    While you’re at it kona – send in a “How To: Make Tin Hats!”

    The good article. this is.

  2. konamouse

    Funny that ARGN has labelled this game as the most deadly in ages.
    Killed in Action:
    Jennifer (White Rose 3, after we missed meeting her in San Francisco, not sure if this would have happened even if there had been a Sammeeeeee at the meet or it was our punishment for not finding a SF Sammeeeee in time)
    Barney (Betty’s boyfriend, apparently before the game started)
    The Twins (hiding out in Blue Heaven out in the desert, Spoocheeeee jackals in black helicopter(s) decimated the trailer, only Nedd Ludd managed to escape)
    Dr Francis Kinder (victim of Al the Knife, because she revealed the truth about the psychopathic nature of Alan Walker aka Mr Alan Johnson)
    Hmmmmm. At least we haven’t lost any players yet (we hope).

  3. Jas0n

    Yeah I really wish I had the opportunity to be involved in Sammeeeees, was pre-occupied, but it looks to be such an amazingly fun event

  4. Audioslave

    This is probably the best game I’ve seen since LCP, yet I can’t find the time or energy to keep up-to-date. Maybe sometime in the future I can re-join the Sammeeeee masses.

  5. rose

    If this game kills more people than Last Call Poker it will be truly impressive. I think we had at least one or possibly two violent (weren’t they all) death per update. I started to make a list of them but it was too long. And I went to the site, what? No archive? How can that be?

  6. konamouse

    Happy(?) to report the latest fatality.

    Dalton Trumbo, the Spoocheeeee Communist Party leader (and archenemy of Mr Alan Johnson) apparently suffered a heart attack while “dancing” with Patricia Moore (aka Cathy Kuttner) on Monday night.

    Recently a couple of his goons were killed during a Spoocheeeee raid on the party headquarters.

  7. konamouse

    The Sammeeeee Dead Pool almost picked out the last two official Spoocheeeee deaths.

    Mr Abbott was excuted for his betrayal (he was behind the poisoning of Mr Alan Johnson – seems Mr Abbott was a closet Communist).

    Mr Alan Johnson, after being held at gunpoint by Patricia Moore, struggled with Peeps & Patricia and ended up falling on his own little red pocket knife.

    Spoocheeeee power was broken forever Sunday evening and Peeps can now be an ordinary man.

    A very successful ARG conclusion… or will there someday be more?