nevec_candy_crop.jpgLurkers and active players alike were somewhat doubtful that the Lost Planet alternate reality game (AKA Nevec, the handy abbreviation for the Neovenus Construction trailhead web site) would last beyond the January 11th launch party — the game sites were noticeably dormant over the holidays, with virtually no updates or story movement.

However, thanks to a mini candy bar stash (noticed by astute player blue_j, who provided the picture for this article) at the launch party (see here for spoilers on access to that part of the site), Nevec players were given confirmation of new material in a new secret blog by the ARG’s main character Alfred Alan. Hiding in the 111 directory, he writes:

“Things have gone very wrong.”

The blog goes on to summarize some of what has happened so far, and includes links (albeit malformed) to a terraforming web site and to Alfred’s thermal regulator project research site. Also on the blog is an inline YouTube video which shows a distraught Alfred, gripping a Rubik’s Cube, ominously informing us that the cryogenic technology he’s been working on to help get humans into outer space is not working the way it’s supposed to. Right before he gets to the nitty gritty (the Rubik’s Cube threatening to explode in one fist from anxiety), his co worker Phil is heard off-camera barging into his office, asking about the candy bar he’s found in his shoe. The video abruptly ends there.

Of additional interest with the launch party candy bars were a select few that also included the text “Watch for me! 21:00” in addition to the secret blog URL. As near as can be ascertained from various blogs and forums discussing the game, this piece of information remains mysterious.

What horrors await the Nevecsicles? Will Alfred ever get a chance to tell us what’s really going on? Is Phil as innocent as he seems, or does his candy addiction point to a dark, bitter underbelly? Join the players pursuing the chilly saga by perusing the trailhead thread at Unfiction, or going straight to the source at Capcom’s boards for Lost Planet.

Thanks again to blue_j for the use of his candy bar photo. This and the rest of his launch party photos can be found in his Flickr set for the event.