Breaking News: Perplex City Season 2 Delayed Indefinitely

Earlier today it was revealed on the Perplex City game site that the expected June relaunch of the popular alternate reality game would “no longer be possible.” Season two was scheduled to be released this month, but the statement on the site makes reference to the quality of the experience, and how Mind Candy believes in holding off on releases until “they’re ready and… [they’re] entirely happy with them.”

The landscape of Mind Candy itself has also undergone major changes, as Story Team members Adrian Hon, Andrea Phillips, David Varela and Naomi Alderman, as well as COO Dan Hon, have all left the company within the last 48 hours. In blog posts, Dan Hon notes that he wants “to try something new,” while his brother Adrian remarks that “it’s time… to move on.” Phillips and Alderman echoed sentiments of celebration, sadness and thankfulness for the players of PXC, and Varela chose the Unfiction forums to sum up his thoughts on the turn of events.

Details are still emerging, so watch ARGNet for further details. The story will be part of the discussion on the upcoming 26th episode of the ARG Netcast as well.

Thanks to Brian Enigma at Netninja for the summary post and links.


  1. Celina

    It appears that Jey Biddulph was also let go with the rest. Truely a sad day in ARGdom.

  2. Rekidk

    Hm… Doesn’t it seem just a bit odd that all of these top people at Mind Candy are leaving all at once?

    Well, regardless, best of luck to Mind Candy in producing PXC season 2; it’s good to see that they have a committment to quality and that they don’t want to release a shoddy game.

  3. Jey Biddulph

    Just to clarify, I remain at Mind Candy and have moved to another project. I’m sorry to see my colleagues and friends go, working with them has been an unequalled pleasure.