UPDATE: Comic-Con and whysoserious.com

July 27, 2007 · By Jonathan Waite in Events, News, Update 

A quick update, for those following along at home: The countdown on whysoserious.com has ended, and a large group of participants have begun to play along with what appears to be a treasure hunt/puzzle trail. Those active on the ground need to either have Internet access, or help from friends that are able to solve online clues. A toll-free number (1-800-395-9646) was given to players at the Con, which leads to the next step in the trail (audio can be heard here). You can watch progress and play along at the following web sites:

Trailhead (you need the code from the audio delivered through the 800 number)
Wannabes (not sure what this is for yet, although chances are it will be a leaderboard of some kind)

Stay tuned — there will be more to come, including a summary of the day’s events, later on ARGNet.


2 Responses to “UPDATE: Comic-Con and whysoserious.com”

  1. m0r1arty on July 28th, 2007 4:49 am

    Cool, now if you could have a few links on your blog to clues and links we could all be having a very good time (esp your advertisers!!)


  2. Jonathan Waite on July 28th, 2007 9:35 am

    Check out the latest update for more information on this story.

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