Torchwood Needs You

Torchwood%20ARG.jpgFrom the BBC comes word of an online game that will run concurrently with the new season of its sci-fi drama, Torchwood. If the name Torchwood doesn’t mean anything to you, you might have heard of the series it was spun off of, a little show called Doctor Who.

In the guise of being recruited as Freelance Operatives working for the mysterious Torchwood Institute, players will be given weekly “missions” which they must complete to prove they are worthy to join the Torchwood team. A genetics professor who claimed to be hunted by aliens has gone missing. The Torchwood team passes this minor case on to its new recruits. Do they have what it takes to figure out what’s going on?

The game story was especially written by show writer Phil Ford, and will be revealed slowly, with new details weekly leading up to a final climax. Game content includes video “minisodes” featuring cast members Eve Myles, Gareth David Lloyd and Naoko Mori. Appearances by other cast members and special guests have been hinted at. The game story is separate from the series, but will intertwine with what is happening on screen. “The game is what happens in Torchwood between each episode. You’ll see and hear characters referring to events that have just happened in the show,” says Senior Producer Mat Fidell. “The only difference from the TV show is that it’s up to you to move the story forward. You must solve the clues, find out what’s going on and report back to the team. You’ll need to use all the skills and talents you have – and Torchwood will provide you with some tools to help you along the way.” The Torchwood website has been redesigned for season two, and incorporates the online game component with an interface very similar to the computer set-up the characters use in the show.

Although registration is not required to play, players who sign up to take part at the show’s website will be emailed as each mission is launched (one per week) and will be able to track their progress from week to week. Recruitment starts January 16th, along with the U.K. premiere of Torchwood Season Two.

Tell Captain Jack we’re on our way!


Update: As noted in the comments, the game (and, sadly, much of the website) is restricted to U.K. use only. Our contact at the Beeb apologizes, but this is due to the public funding of the BBC. We hope our U.K. readers will report in and let us know what they think of the game!


  1. Too bad those of us outside the UK can’t do a damn thing on the Torchwood website… I would have loved to take part in this one.

  2. “If you are outside the UK you will not be able to use for rights reasons.”

    Bummer. Guess I just have to watch it on BBC America.

  3. This is so cool! I wish they’d do something like this for a TV show in America.

  4. It is a Good game, got loads on information to read and other related websites have been set up so you have to go to other sites, read clues and figue out the answers. it’s slowly getting harder and harder thou and as soo many people from the uk log on after the show on wed nights the main website has crashed a few times.

  5. Anyone that stumbles across this: I have no idea if it’s a fluke on my end or how long it’ll last, but somehow this is indeed playable in America.

  6. torchwood game is cool loads of info plus i would also love to join torchwood captain jack(john barow man is fit. i’m a boy and i like boys and girls im bio sexual lol

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