Purity Towers: Funnel Productions’ Crown Jewel

Purity Towers LogoHave you ever wanted to be Luke Skywalker, a rebel fighting for the cause of the oppressed? How about a master spy, the kind who prefers his martinis shaken, not stirred? If either of these roles tempts you, Funnel Productions has an ARG with your name on it.

Purity Towers offers players a chance to enter a world once tormented by dragons. The People’s Proscript Party and the Grotians, enemies who were brought together by the dragon wars, find themselves suddenly at odds again after decades of peace: and a rebellion of epic proportions is brewing. Add to this interesting plot the fact that players are given the opportunity to pick their role and which side they wish to play for, acting as everything from rebel saboteurs to party reconnoiters, and you will find a rare jewel of a game.

Head to Purity Towers and help the players shape the revolution…but keep an eye out for dragons!


  1. It is good.

  2. Not anymore, Thomas. Is it the game structure that encourages paranoia and secrecy, or is it that players confuse their player characters with their ‘real’ player status? What began so excitingly and promising has become increasingly difficult to deal with.

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