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September 17, 2003

Leiphe Lessons

1. What's your living situation? Is your abode a modest apartment, a studio space, a sprawling mansion, a communal site?

Ethan and I live in a very modest home, I think. Living in such a tech-friendly area, many of the developers and contractors out here decided to build these sprawling, security-clad fortresses. We're safe and sound and all, but our 4 bedroom what-feels-like-a-mansion-to-me house feels like a toy house compared to our neighbors.

2. Do you rent or own?

Own. And boy, am I glad!

3. Talk about the other people in your home, if there are any.

There's Ethan, of course. My love and my light. He's really my only roommate, other than the animals that come and go. (My helping with animal socialization means that sometimes I 'foster' the animals here at my house before they go to a deserving family. It's not as heartbreaking as you'd think, letting go of each animal after they've stayed a while. I save my heartbreak for other things, I guess.)

4. Is moving homes a chore for you? Are you a person with strong ties to your home, or are you able to pick up and go on short notice?

I think I am able to pick up and go on short notice. I like having nice, useful, durable things, but I've had this sense, as I head towards middle age, that I am extremely adaptable to my surroundings. That seems the opposite of what it should be, but it's true. I constantly feel as though I've just arrived, and that everything is new again. It's exciting. I think.

5. Hire movers, or call up friends with strong arms and backs?

Both! Friends are good for the aftermath, when you need to covince that armoir to go up the steps and squozed into a small alcove space or what-have-you. Friends are good for that initial decorating stuff. "No no, Ethan, the dogs playing poker is definitely an item for the basement bar area. I agree with Dina." See? Friends are a good thing.

Posted by dina at September 17, 2003 9:33 AM