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October 24, 2003

tidying house! quickly!

Here in my Little Corner of the Web (remember when it seemed like ALL web pages were called this, back in the day?), I feel fairly safe and cozy and tucked in with books in stacks practically falling over, and armchairs and footrests and all, the Sunday paper spread out all around me, pages pulled out and draped like collapsing tents on a battlefield of afghan blankets and abandoned coffee mugs.

And then the effervescent Wongmo himself goes and features one of my songs as part of his student showcase! That was really nice - it was part of a workshop exercise from a while back that was more about free associating than anything. I had to struggle not to rhyme. Since then, it's been easier doing free verse, or internal rhyme, and not sticking to formulaic orange/door hinge type stuff.

I still feel as though I am learning so much, and yet getting little boosts like this is so nice, too. Little pats on the back, for all that is yet so new to me.

Posted by dina at October 24, 2003 2:50 AM