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October 23, 2003

There is no cow level

Ooof. Doing the insomnia thing again. I found some of your games, and I've been playing them in the wee hours to help dull the mind a bit. Thoughts have been racing like crazy over the past couple of days. I am being too obvious, too subtle, blathering endlessly, not being creative enough. Here, let me thwack at these little dagger-wielding meanies. Ah, therapeutic!

Todd Rogan? No, that name doesn't ring ANY bells for me whatsoever! How weird! Maybe you were both in grade school together, and he's somehow attached his memories of someone else to the image of you? I have no clue on this - the name is totally new to me.



... thought you might like a couple pictures of our favorite city. I think Mamet once said something neat about cities, how they look like stageflats in a certain kind of light.

I suppose that's true, but then other times when I am least expecting it, every sense is alive to this place - I can feel the whole city breathing like some huge blue steel-and-concrete beast. It's difficult, not being overwhelmed by it every single day. Such a gorgeous city.

Glad you're safe and sound. Too far away from me this chilly night, but I'll survive, somehow. :)

Posted by dina at October 23, 2003 3:43 AM