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November 11, 2003

Well, I've hit dead ends

Well, I've hit dead ends on every path I've tried. Murpha, King County records, nothing leads anywhere that helps at all. I've stared and stared at that note, hoping it would jog something, but no. I've tried folding it, holding it up to the light, looking for hidden messages, heh. I tried playing around with the numbers, even. I get nowhere. Of course, it's not really easy working long distance from a hotel room.

Since your experience at the cybercafe place, I even find myself constantly looking over my shoulder to see if I'm being followed. I'm still having a real hard time getting my brain around this whole thing. It still is all so improbable, yet I just can't ignore what stares me in the face.

My meetings have actually been a nice escape today, which is good for a change.

How are you doing? I'm really sorry I've had to be gone at all this week. I'll make it up to you, I promise. Starting with dinner and a movie when I get back.

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