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Staff Writer, Associate Editor While working as a lowly research assistant at a pharmaceutical company, Jackie discovered that science involves a lot of incubations and waiting time, and thus found that the best way to kill five hours was by surfing the internet and playing MahJong on Yahoo! Games. Luckily, a little TV show called Push, Nevada with its big monetary prize began around this time and Jackie, believing she was a worldly genius, decided that an online puzzle game was the perfect way to get the world to acknowledge her greatness. Instead, she discovered that she was only one of many genius hopefuls and that taking active notes on Peter Pan while watching primetime network television did not make for engaging watercooler chit-chat. Though the watercooler society had decided she was a dork-freak and banned her from all social activities, Jackie had been sucked into the world of IRC and the ARGN community, where dork-freaks are relished. During her tenure, Jackie has been an active player, lurker, pithy commentator, evil satirist, and Unfiction forum cop/admin, as well as a PM of Acheron. Currently, Jackie can be found lurking the hallways of the University of Maryland Medical campus in Baltimore, where she is a PhD candidate in Molecular Physiology with an emphasis in the signaling pathways involved in the development and prevention of cardiovascular disease. She hopes to have a positive income by the age of 30, and vents often about this on her website, intellinuts.com.

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