The other day, we received a couple very odd emails, along with a subsequent package in the mail. The contents of the package and the corresponding website have become a somewhat serious obsession around here, as we just don’t know what to make of what we’ve found.

The email simply said “TELEPORT is a multidimensional transport system powered by a network of consciousness exploration units, or trips,” and gave a web-address: We then received a subsequent email offering to send us one of these ‘trips’ to explore. A few days later, a ‘trip package‘ arrived which consisted of several cards, a plastic holder, something that can best be described as a refrigerator magnet, and a lanyard, but no instructions. Odd, indeed. We have absolutely no clue what this is about or where it’s heading, but it certainly is intriguing. We’ve been playing around with these cards, scrutinizing the patterns to no avail. The only clues we can find are in the meta tags of the Redcore website, which include keywords such as astral projection, teleportation, and (most notably) Alternate Reality Gaming.

Redkore’s site includes forums, some info, and a store where trip packages can be purchased for $19.95. A press release states in part: “…TELEPORT is powered by a network of 18 consciousness exploration units, or trips. Trips work by attuning the intellectual, imaginative and intuitive centers of the user’s consciousness. While each person comes to understand a trip in a unique manner, one of TELEPORT’s most intriguing qualities is that each trip generates an objective portal which is the same for everyone. This means that people can use a particular trip to engage group transports, exploring wild landscapes together even when they might be separated by significant time or distance in the physical world. Of course, TELEPORT works just as well for individuals who like to fly alone.

Definitely a big WTF? factor here. Who knows where Teleport will lead, but we’ll keep you posted.

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