asteroid.jpgSeems there is an asteroid for sale on eBay. As I’m sure the link won’t always work, here is the accompanying text:

This is a once in a lifetime offer!

I am the exclusive owner of all the Asteroids in our solar system (By virtue of international law). I wish to sell some of them to you, the public! Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Make your purchase for a loved one or as a completely novel gift!.

I am offering Asteroid 4179 Toutatis for sale! Dont miss out on this wonderfull chance of a lifetime!

Asteroid 4179 Toutatis was named after a Celtic/Gallic god whose name is often invoked in the well known comic book series “The Adventures of Asterix,” set in ancient Gaul. Toutatis is the protector of Asterix and his compatriots, who fear nothing except that someday the sky may fall on their heads.

It is one of the largest known “Potentially Hazardous Asteroids” (PHA) that approaches our planet on a Near Earth Orbit (NEO). Close encounters with Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter constantly alter the shape of the asteroid’s path as it loops through the solar system every 3.98 years. On October 31st. 2000 the asteroid passed less than 29 lunar distances from Earth.

Toutatis also has one of the strangest rotations yet observed in the solar system. Instead of the spinning about a single axis, as do the planets and the vast majority of asteroids, it “tumbles” somewhat like a rugby football when it bounces.

At three miles long it would present a terrible danger to the Earth if it were to collide with the planet, although scientists at NASA say this is unlikely. It is travelling at a speed of about 20 miles per second and if it struck the ocean would unleash a “mega tsunami” or giant tidal wave that could reach around the entire globe, inundating millions of hectares of land, destroying coastal habitations and killing perhaps millions of people.

Asteroid 4179 Toutatis (1989 AC)
Record: 4179 SPK-ID: 2004179
Alternate Designation: 1934 CT


H = 15.30
G = 0.10
B-V = n/a
albedo = n/a
spectral class = Sk


GM = n/a
radius = 2.00 km
Prot. = 130.000 h

NOTE, this is NOT a scam, not a con job and not against ANY law in any way. I have claimed and do now truly own the property I claim to own. There were no claims of any kind on these properties before me; therefore according to international law they are my property until someone else visits them in person, this is the only way my claim can be invalidated!

Now, look at the bidders. This is where it gets interesting. One is listed as orbital colony. Checking out orbital colony’s profile reveals a puzzle in the form of some webdings-type font. We’ll leave it for you to decipher, but be assured that the solution leads to something pretty interesting. 🙂

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