vcube.jpgVirtuquest, one of our favorite ARG production houses, has launched Virtucube on October 31st. While not an ARG, it bills itself as a “multi-layered/challenging diversion” for those who may be looking for something puzzly to do.

A unique feature to virtucube is that, while it can be solved without any clues, Virtuquest will be randomly giving away one of a set of unique clues with the purchase of any Virtuquest T-shirt. So, you get a shirt and a clue, which you can keep to yourself or share with others.

Why would you keep it to yourself, you may ask. Well, it seems there’s a $500 prize for the first player to solve the Virtucube puzzles. It’s interesting to note that, to guard against flash decompiling or hacking to solve the cube, any potential winner will need to answer 6 virtucube-related questions to verify that the solve was legitimate.