ilbreview.jpgThe biggest Alternate Reality Game of the past year, “I Love Bees,” continues to gain major recognition with its just-announced nomination for a Webby Award! Time magazine and the New York Times call the Webbys “the Academy Awards of the Internet.”

“I Love Bees” is eligible to win two different awards in the “Games-related” category — the official games-related award, and the “People’s Voice” award… which YOU can vote for!

Obviously, we here at ARGN would love to see ILB win this, but to be honest, we’d actually like to see it win the People’s Voice award even more than the official award. We think it’d be really great to show the world that the ARG community’s voice is loud and strong and bigger and badder than anyone else’s… of course, we already know that because we heard you all singing over those payphones!! So let’s show the rest of the web what we can do.

Voting in the 2005 People’s Voice Awards runs TODAY through April 29. VOTE NOW! Here’s how:

  • Go to and click on the “Register now” button.
  • To ensure integrity of the vote, all voters must register. The process takes about 30 seconds (fill out the form). Then you’ll receive a voting link and password via email.

Note: Voters can choose to vote in just one, or some of, or all of the categories. It’s fine, for instance, to just vote in the “Games-related” category, which is the “I Love Bees” category.

Extra fun: There is an “instant poll” in voting that gives you the current standings for each site after you vote. We really need to get OUR votes in ASAP so that ILB looks like a contender, and so that other voters are more likely to spread the word. (Right now, ilovebees is in 3rd place out of 5… how long will it take ILB players to push it to #1? Hmmm… let’s find out!)

So what are you waiting for? Go vote!