ARG Netcast, Episode 2

netcast.jpgEpisode 2 of the ARG Netcast features Sean C. Stacey of unfiction, Brooke Thompson of Giant Mice and Jonathan Waite of ARGNet. You can now find the netcast on iTunes, by the way — search for ARGNet and subscribe!

Game News and Topics of Discussion

Puzzle of the Week

Listener Mail

  • A Nonymous doesn’t like the length of episode one, and thinks we need to be more expertish. Also, wants us to “Bring. It.”

  • QBKooky liked hearing about new ARG content delivery methods.
  • Lou appreciated our rundown of the What’s Hot list.

Happy Halloween!

Contact us at our special netcast email address, Special thanks to Larry Eisner for providing the original music used in the podcast.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out guys and gal!

    See, I knew the subsequent editions of the netcast would only get better. Keep up the great work!

  2. Actually, the Juggernaught of the X-man movies is much different from the Juggernaught of the comics. In the comics Juggernaught is Professor X’s stepbrother, and his powers are not caused by a mutation such as those of the other characters, they are casued by a mysterious red crystal that he discovered while both he and Professor X were soldiers in Korea during the Korean war. As well, he recently had a change of heart and joined Professor X as one of the X-men. Good times. 🙂

    Oh, and, that was a SHAWEEET podcast! Thanks guys and girls!

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