Ho Ho Ho, Ya Grinches!

ElfinHumor.gifIf you’re looking for some seasonal puzzle fun, grab some eggnog and have a seat at your computer. The elves who man the ARGNet tipline have alerted us to what appears to be a holiday-themed puzzle trail with a trailhead on blogspot.

Are you ready to play the oldest sport in the world? asks the title of the single post on The Reindeer Games blog. Snowball McJinglebell, the recently appointed head of the Human Division of the Reindeer Games, is happy to announce that Santa has opened up the competition to human participation this year, and he and his fellow elves (including Holly O’Mistletoe, who, in a whimsical touch, makes iPods out of snowflakes) would like to invite you to try your skills on the puzzles at the Reindeer Games board.

The boards are password-protected (presumably the answer to each puzzle will be the password to the next) and the password for the first puzzle is provided at the end of the blog entry. It seems to be in binary, and the translation of the binary is half a Christmas-themed word, but it requires a bit of a guess to get the correct answer.

All of the other reindeer are playing, but they’re willing to let you join in this reindeer game, so head on over to The Reindeer Games Blog for a dose of puzzly Christmas spirit!

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  1. catherwood

    “the translation of the binary is half a Christmas-themed word” — actually, the full password is there in binary, it’s just that the blog cannot display the whole thing (which has no spaces, and thus cannot word wrap). View source to see the complete line.