Attention Whedon-ites! The Dollhouse Welcomes You with Virally Goodness

dollhouse.jpgOver at Furious Nads, The One True b!X (founder of Can’t Stop the Serenity) reported receiving an email from Adelle DeWitt, a character in Joss Whedon’s upcoming drama, Dollhouse. The email reads “Take offline for now, whilst we redesign.” The domain Adelle used for the email,, currently displays a single login page. And whilst was offline when the email was sent, it is now up with an image of the lab from the TV show trailer, the message “soon. but not yet” in the source code. A comment on the Future on Fox blog from “Kimi Lassek” revealed the username/password combination to access Adelle’s email: adelle/wipe. Odd, as Kimi seems to be missing.

The Future on Fox blog also posted a link to the domain, implying this may be an official ARG for the upcoming show. Last season, Fox experimented with alternate reality games alongside Millions of Us with the Enitech ARG for The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It looks like they were satisfied with the results if this is any indication.

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  1. Awesome! It’s very cool to see Joss Whedon involved with an ARG, and Dollhouse looks to be one of the fall’s most promising series.

  2. Glenn Rubenstein

    May 29, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    D’oh! Quick correction on my above comment:

    Dollhouse doesn’t debut this fall, it actually starts airing in the mid-season – January 2009.

    This means Fox already has quite a head start on building awareness for Whedon’s new series — and that’s probably a good sign for fans who are already fearing its cancellation!

  3. ummm just a note… can’t stop the serenity is NOT a charity, it’s an event to support the charity, Equality Now. CSTS is not even an official organisation

  4. Thanks for pointing out our error, John. A correction has been made in the text.

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