Blue static signalAbout a month ago, a series of strange emails originating from made their rounds across the Internet. When arriving at the site, titled ‘stare into us’, players are greeted by a wall of static, akin to what one would see on a television without rabbit ears or cable, and the sound of white noise interlaced with strange music. A quick view of the source code reveals that the owners of the site are “the taste of your fear the taste of fear like metal” and gives players three more parts of the site to check out.

So far, players have enjoyed the campaign, which updates regularly. The story revolves around three main characters, ‘spirits’ who are communicating from beyond the grave: Echo, who initiated contact with the players through email and died in a motorcycle accident; Margaret, a victim of an illness that resulted in ‘throat struggle’ that likes to communicated in Morse Code; Mona, a spirit familiar with hexadecimal code that may or may not have been held captive at a hospital in Pennsylvania. There are multiple emails from which characters write back to players, a phone number that players can call to get messages from Echo, and multiple Craigslist postings related to the game.

As we did, you can catch up on the game at the fabulous Voices in the Static Despoiler Wiki or by visiting the Unfiction forum section for the game (where we found the excellent and helpful reference thread by drizjr).