Puppetmasters wanted, Geppetto need not apply

job_opportunityOur roving reporters regularly scan the blogs and news sources that make up our digital world, and this morning, staffers Marie Lamb and Michael Andersen found two unique opportunities for aspiring game designers in Los Angeles and New York City. If you are someone who wishes to work in the exciting field of alternate reality game creation, these might be a stepping stone in the right direction!

First up, a craigslist ad from a company called Urban Interactive, who is advertising for an “Alternate Reality Game Writer for iPhone (NYC).” The ad talks about a new product called Urban Sleuth, which is described as, “a platform that allows anyone to create alternate reality games, ranging from simple treasure hunts to full-blown storytelling adventures that incorporate improv actors, local merchants, flash mobs, etc.” It also reveals that a new ARG will be launching in March called The Analog Resistance, and lists the cities of Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago as locales affected by the game. Specifically, they need help writing missions for events taking place in Manhattan, and the ad suggests that owning an iPhone or iPod Touch would be helpful.

The ad triggered a spark of a memory for me, and as I looked back in my cluttered inbox, I did find a game tip from last month that we weren’t able to follow up on which relates to this ad. The email, from Nick Tommarello, further describes The Analog Resistance this way: “It’s the ‘Amazing Race’ meets The Game (with Michael Douglas).” Sounds altogether cool and wonderful!

The second job opportunity isn’t a paying position, but an internship at Studio 33 in Los Angeles, according to this posting at internweb.com. There are quite a few positions available to those who wish to intern at the start-up, including Production Office Management, Web Series production, Alternate Reality Game production, Website Development and Maintenance, Sponsorship & Advertising and Marketing. The hours are flexible, and students may be able to use this for college credit. The start date is listed as “immediately” and the internship runs to the end of April, 2009.

So what are you waiting for — get out there and make a great game!


  1. Glenn Rubenstein

    The concept for The Analog Resistance sounds really cool. The iPhone is perfect for something like this, and I look forward to checking the game out when the San Francisco chapter starts in March.

  2. Glenn Rubenstein

    I just checked out the Urban Sleuth website and was able to register. The download link takes you to the iPhone app store, and the app is for sale for $1.99. I guess that answers part of the “business model” question.

    The company’s websites says that they will also allow aspiring puppetmasters to create their own ARG missions through the site in the hopes of winning prizes (based on player votes). The site also mentions that their iPhone application is available for licensing (though I’m curious how accessibly that’s priced for grassroots ARGs).

    But this definitely looks like it could be an exciting tool that will truly open up the iPhone as a platform for Alternate Reality Games.

  3. cheapsuits

    oh man! My iPhone dream come true!!!