pielogoBaron Rude and Hector Macchiato are quickly establishing themselves as the arbiters of all things paranormal on YouTube. The pair of nerds offer caustically humorous analyses of paranormal sightings. These Paranormal Investigations Experts (colloquially referred to as “the PIE Guys”) are looking for evidence of legitimate paranormal activity to support their theory. The PIE Guys are part of a new alternate reality game sponsored by Sun Microsystems that promises to give programmers a chance to get out and play.

The PIE Guys have a theory about technological development. According to their research, strange events preceded many of history’s greatest developmental leaps in science, technology, and agriculture. Throwing everything we know about causation to the wind, the pair are convinced that recent sightings imply the next JUMP is quickly approaching. In order to prepare, they have created a website at PieTheory.com to track strange phenomena and debunk hoaxes.

According to the website’s Terms of Service Sun Microsystems is behind the game, offering free downloads of Netbeans 6.5 and the JavaFX Production Suite 1.1 as part of the “Recruit Toolkit.” The Terms of Service also implies that some of the challenges of the game will involve the development of source code.

PieTheory.com is rapidly churning out new content, so keep your eyes peeled for more wacky antics from the website’s dynamic duo. There are already a few clues that there’s something going on beneath the surface, so start searching for proof of the paranormal, wherever you may find it.

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