Puzzles for the Apocalypse

kinginyellowA little birdie recently pointed me in the direction of a puzzle trail called Third Realm. The site has a labyrinth of puzzles and an apocalyptic countdown ending on November 2nd. The players’ goal is to free the Yellow King with the help of a self-proclaimed “Prophet in the Wild” through his twitter account, thirdrealm. The Prophet has been dropping cryptic clues, and there is a possible London deaddrop that has yet to be investigated.

If you’re in the mood to flex your puzzle solving muscles before the November 2nd apocalypse, head on over to the unfiction thread here.

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  1. Just so everyone knows, the phrase “The King in Yellow” has a specific meaning in some circles (i.e. H. P. Lovecraft fans)…so, not exactly “the Yellow King”. 😉

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