Earlier today, I received an item in the post. It was postmarked with three stamps from Denmark, and was apparently so interesting that someone else saw fit to open both envelope and box, as it was ripped open when I received it. Inside was a box liberally taped together with the message “Fools of the World Unite! (.com)” along with a flattened, homemade fortune cookie.

I’m sure this fortune cookie would have been delicious (albeit stale), but sadly I had to destroy the cookie to get to the message inside, a veritable fool’s fortune. The message reads “[t]hrow yourself to the ground, while shouting UNITE!”

Heading over to the Fools of the World Unite website, I must admit I am confounded. Apparently, the box I received is covered in Dandelion stickers, and Fools of the World Unite is an organization that has been fooling people with “creative outbursts and spontaneous foolishness in public spaces” since August 2010. The goal? To lose points by engaging in acts of tomfoolery, eventually earning the right to the title of “revolutionary fool.” The Fools are having a “training camp” between March 17th and April 8th at Theatre NyAveny in Copenhagen.

Interested in some foolishness of your own? Contact Kingimars at [email protected] for more details.