free_immersion.jpgEditor’s note: Alternate Reality Gamers debating whether to explore the newfound Interact-Fic site will be glad to know ARGNet staff writer Jessie Greene recently caught up with the creators to see what they could tell us about the not-entirely-new concept.

ARGN: With the interest generated by your site, prospective players would like to know about the creators. Tell me about your team.

IF: Well, this is an easy one. There are three of us: Tyler, Dalton, and Christine. We’re all 27, and we met in college. We became best friends. We live in the same town now. We all have different jobs, but we get together on weekends and some days after work to work on Interact-Fic, writing and planning and stuff.

ARGN: What’s your inspiration in creating Interact-Fic?

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