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Push NV Spinoff ARG “NoahBoddy” Cancelled Mid-Game

Another ARG bites the dust. According to a wordy announcement on noahboddy.com, “…the current Noahboddy.com game must be brought to a definitive close.” This cancellation was attributed to lack
of sponsorship and funding.

There is still plenty of action out there for Alternate Reality Gamers, however. Current live games include:Chasing the Wish, Time Hunt and the JMX Experience, with L3 and Ark II possibilities in develpment.

Team Noah Boddy Interview

Sin_Vraal has scored an exclusive interview with the folks behind the Push NV spinoff ARG Noah Boddy. Turns out he needed a little assistance from some of his friends, though.

Read his story and interview at DeadDrop (Part 1), Unfiction (Part 2) and here (Part 3).