Earlier today, I received a press release from Cray Cook promoting the launch of her new company, Electron Innovations, Inc. The company purportedly aims to compete with One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) to provide affordable computers to children with their EI2 model. The EI2 team plans on searching for talented individuals to join their team as the development process advances into the production stage. Before you start dusting off your resumes and polishing your cover letters, this appears to be the launch of a new alternate reality game.

Cray Cook and Bertram Bosworth just finished moving into their new offices in Plano, mere miles away from the University of Texas at Dallas. During the moving process, they discovered a strange metal box that was initially mistaken for a paperweight with the letters “MMCLXIX” on one side, and a series of gold dots on another. A crumpled page of schematics seems to indicate that the cube is some form of electrical device. The pair are currently attempting to find some way to interface with the device. Ms. Cook is currently searching for an old Apple II to see if the interface is based on 8-bit MOS 6502 technology.

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