winterxgames.gifFrom intrepid Unfiction denizen and player, Rowan, comes this interesting news, which we’ve condensed from her excellent forum post:

During my long hours of watching college football bowl games, I kept noticing weird TV ads. There was a blinking alert with a voice over stating that despite rumors online, the Winter X Games would still be taking place. The ad also linked to a website:

The Winter X Rumor site has some tantalizing information. A earth moving machine went missing. An X Games competitor would not be attending. A video clip of someone almost being eaten by the mountain. The most interesting bit is that it links to another website ( ) run by a geology professor who is convinced that the Buttermilk mountain is undergoing extreme seismological events and is unsafe.

Buttermilk Is Alive has a bunch of background information detailing how Dr. Jim Vaile is upset that people aren’t taking him more seriously. The site has also been ‘newly redesigned’ so that only some of his older entries are now on the site. He has a bunch of links, most to what I take as real world websites, although at least one link is to a nonexistent website. There’s also some commented out ‘entries’ that you can see in the source that look to be pre-written blurbs that are ready to be updated to the sight. Oh, and there’s a commented out ‘Blogroll’ with a list of names – none of which I had much luck in Googling. He also links to a blog, which he calls a forum, where you can leave comments:

The Buttermilk Blog has been quietly updating ever since I first found it. Beyond calling for people to help prove that Buttermilk is dangerous (but due to natural phenomenon – not aliens or magical stuff) there really wasn’t much of a catch. Today the website updated with a new entry talking about an email from a disgruntled reader by the name of Rusty. The email links to Rusty’s blog ( )which is, well, one of those whacked out conspiracy websites you come across on the web every now and then.

edit: Google has now indexed a Flicker page of Benji “Ben” Beale (one of the commented out blog roll names.)

Early on, Rusty’s blog appeared to be the victim of a hack that left a trojan in one of the comments. That blog has now been cleaned, so feel free to surf on.

Rowan also has started a guide for the game.