Snow Town Library: Beware the Librarian

Wow, you really can’t let those library due dates slide. Imagine my surprise when I received not just one, but four overdue library notices from the Snow Town Library in Snow Town, Maine. I must have had snow on my mind when I took out The Snow Man by Hans Christian Andersen, Blizzard by George Stone, The Maine Woods by H.D. Thoreau, and Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck. Surely this is a mistake!

But at a fine of 2 cents per day for four overdue books (never mind the two cents the library has added for the expense of sending me each notice), I just can’t afford to let the fines go. So, I called the Snow Town Library to rectify the situation but was too intimidated by the voicemail greeting asking me to leave a message.

Terrified, I quickly hung up the phone. It’s been years, no decades, since I’ve interacted with anyone of the “school-marm” type, and I was having flashbacks. Searching around, I came upon the Snow Town Library website. There, Snow Town Librarian Ruthie Randolph seems to be ruling with an iron fist, keeping library patrons in line, and organizing the library’s book club. Her argyle sweater strikes terror in the heart.

Although there isn’t a great deal of information to go on, there’s just something fishy about this place, and it seems like the Snow Town Library might be the setting for a new alternate reality game just getting started. For information, check out the Snow Town Library website and sign the guestbook . . . if you dare!

Update 2/21: Since this article was published, participants have uncovered a great deal of new information about the Snow Town Library over at Unfiction.


  1. Angelique

    Being that I love books… I’m so there!

  2. Delon Quant

    It’s all true about Snow Town. Sadly, I was driven out, due to over-dos. Or is that Do to over-dues? Or?

  3. Pepé

    Snow Town gives me a uneasy vibe; libraries are built for the betterment of the community and frankly, I fear what machinations are rumbling in the creepy cortex of this Randolph creature. It’s clear she has an agenda, just look at that sweater

  4. Kenneth Soares

    A book must be an ice-axe to break the seas frozen inside our soul.
    Something must really be up. If you look at the upcoming events there are red “X’s” over phases of the moon in this order: waxing gibbous, Full, Half, New, and waxing crescent. I find it quite strange how these dates and phases are singled out. Perhaps we should looking in to this.