bcode.gifNorthwest internet design company VirtuQuest has announced their latest Alternate Reality Game, Corporate Edition 5.0: “Banque Suisse.” The rabbithole seems to consist solely of a barcode (pictured at left) and some French text.

VirtuQuest is a media company that specializes in tailor made Internet Adventures. They develop mid-size Alternate Reality Games as corporate team building activities, ad campaigns, or public games just for fun. Periodically, a corporate client will allow their game to be accessible and playable by the general public, and Corporate Edition 5.0 is just such a case. Outsiders are not privy to some information that is given to the client as part of the Corporate Edition package, but outside players have been known to be very resourceful in games past.

VirtuCube (a Virtuquest non-ARG game) remains unsolved after many months. Aimed at the serious puzzle solver, VirtuCube offers an as-yet-unclaimed $500 prize to the first to solve it.

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