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Deaddrop Announces Puzzle Winner

puzzle.jpgOur friends over at Deaddrop have announced that there has been a winner in their ARG Puzzle Contest. Actually, one winner with two runners-up.

Rather than just post the winners, they have decided to instead post a puzzle trail, in true ARG fashion. This trail is comprised of the remainder of the puzzle submissions, and the ultimate solve will reveal who won. So, if you’re looking for a nice distraction, join in on the fun and help discover the winners.

The top puzzles will be featured in an upcoming ARG, with full credits to be posted at that time.

Puzzle trail Discussion at Unfiction.
Chat in #ddtrail (irc.chat-solutions.com)

Deaddrop Puzzle Contest

puzzle.jpgDeaddrop today has announced its Best Alternate Reality Game Puzzle contest. The best puzzle will be used in an upcoming ARG, and the winner will also be invited to participate behind the scenes in that ARG.

Deaddrop will accept submissions for this puzzle contest through the end of January. The winner will be announced on Deaddrop, but you won’t see the puzzle until it shows up in a game.

For rules and submission procedures, refer to the post on the Deaddrop site.