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OMG Hax0rz!!!

huh.jpgImagine my surprise today, after a nice (albeit short) family vacation, to get back into the swing of things in the alternate reality gaming universe, only to find out that… we’ve been hacked? Well, that is what happened, according to a Digg entry we were, um conveniently linked to via a game tip. And what goes on Digg must be truth, of course.

Actually, the only truth is the fact that it’s April 1st. In the past, we’ve done our share of April Fool’s Day pranking. Heck, we’ve enjoyed the various Unfiction mock-ups we’ve been a part of, and as far as comedy goes, who can forget my stellar writing and Sean C. Stacey’s award-winning artwork for No Strings Attached? So, we think we know funny, and today’s idle report of an hackjob-that-wasn’t by a semi-prepared puppetmaster wannabe suave individual wasn’t really that funny. Maybe it’s the sour grapes talking, but being part of the joke without being in on the joke seems… lame.

We’ve decided not to link to anything related to this sham — Google is your friend — but rest assured, we weren’t hacked, and there were no well-timed AdSense advertisements on the site today. As for the person behind the Digg post and the Unforums thread… thumbs up for the awesome trailhead!

Thanks to Jackie Kerr for her contributions to this article.

so, y0ut hink ur l33t???????????????

mezonic.jpgYou were bruteforcing passwords in preschool. You taught Kevin Mitnick everything he knew. You’ve telnetted to port 139 on countless computers and typed PWNED, crashing them into oblivion. Nothing’s a challenge any more. What’s left to do??

How about hack a presidential election? OK, maybe not a good idea, but a new book entitled The The Mezonic Agenda: Hacking the Presidency lets you take a stab at it without the risk of unfortunate consequences. The novel, which is to be available soon, lets the reader interact with the book and accompanying CD, decrypt its contents, and ultimately control the fate of a mock US Presidential Election. According to the Mazonic Agenda website, players can attempt to vote for themselves as the winning candidate during a simulated election to be held in early 2005. Would-be presidents must use their hacking skills to manipulate the results of the Mezonic mock election. The winner will receive a free pass to the BlackHat 2005 conference in Las Vegas, plus a library of security books.

Think you’re up for the challenge? You can download the software without the book, but having the book will give you a leg up, as you’ll gain insights on how to use the software to your best advantage.

In addition, there will be several warm-up hacks for you to cut your teeth on. Each solve will reveal clues and provide insight into the skills needed to enter the contest. New puzzles will be posted every few weeks.