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PCAG: New York

pcag.jpgThe Perplex City Academy Games were not just a phenomenon in London. A few weeks ago, there was an equally entertaining event on the other side of the Pacific in New York City. Lucky for us, we have a first-hand account of what transpired at the event from UnFiction community member (and active PXC player) Scott Myers. Here’s what he had to say:

We played 3 Gambits of a perplexian scissor-paper-rock game called Roundabout. This was quite silly, but set everyone in a jolly mood, and got people up out of their chairs and talking and laughing and having fun.

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PCAG: London

pcag_event.jpgMind Candy, in conjunction with the Perplex City Academy, ran their first Games in London on Saturday. The widely anticipated urban scavenger hunt unleashed impromptu choirs and conga lines across the capital, earning a wave of acclaim from over 200 participants.

The games – within the ‘reality’ of Perplex City, but unrelated to the mystery of the missing cube – were first announced in early January, and the Mind Candy team were deluged with applications from over eight hundred would-be players. The numbers were eventually whittled down, and 40 lucky six-member teams finally converged upon City Temple from as far afield as Barcelona, Texas and Hong Kong – some sporting uniforms, others neatly equipped with Rollerblades, and all buzzing with nervy excitement. Also in attendance were a gaggle of reporters and a volunteer crew of Game Rangers, who patrolled the streets and ran events throughout the day.

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PXC Live Event: A Mole Amongst Thee

PXC Live 01Last Saturday, Perplex City took to the streets in a real-world event that involved both a ground team and an online team. Starting with a trail on an in-game site, players had to coordinate efforts to track the Third Power and obtain a highly valuable keyword. However, after collecting all of the puzzles and meeting back at a central location, players discovered that there was a mole within their group. To top it all off, the mole made a daring escape via helicopter (yes, HELICOPTER) and players were left with what must have been one of the most exciting ARG experiences in their lives. Matthew Turnbull, an active participant on the ground team, gave us permission to reprint his account of the day’s events:

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Perplex City Hits the Street

crossing.jpgPerplex City continued its journey “up the lift hill” in the form of a live meet with an ingame character in front of Abbey Road Studios in London today. Players watched events unfold on the streaming webcam of the scene, where players found clues planted around the intersection, and finally met up with someone named Dinah, who handed out envelopes filled with clues.

The initial clues indicated that a Dinah would be a little late, but would arrive before 1:00 pm, and that she would require a password, which was also hinted at. When Dinah did arrive, the dedicated London ARGers approached her with the password (which was “exchange”), whereupon she handed out envelopes that contained code-laden sheets and a Perplex City postcard. Breaking through the various codes, players revealed a log of emails between characters, with a little more backstory on Perplex City history.

All in all, this was a great way to kick things off, giving PC players a chance to meet each other in person right from the start, not to mention getting handed a clue from someone from the game. While we think Perplex City is just reaching to crest of the lift hill, we’re going to go ahead and change its status to Now Playing.

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