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Project Syzygy Stirring?

perplex.jpgThere have been some recent changes at the Project Syzygy site showing signs that something may be happening. Despite announcements of 2005 being the launch of this new free Alternate Reality Game, a recent update at Project Syzygy reveals that “projectsyzygy is now complete.”

A new link reveals perplexcity.com and a mysterious memo. It seems some sort of McGuffin in the form of a Cube has been stolen and must be found. According the the memo, there will be a “substantial reward” for whomever may find it. Plus, you can enter your email to be contacted “when the time is right.”

Hmmmm. Preview? Launch? Reward?? Time will tell.

Project Syzygy Announced

This comes to us from one of the Grand Masters of ARGs himself, Adrian Hon: Project Syzygy. Billing itself as a “new type of immersive game, one that will change everything,” PS will be a cross between Masquerade, The Beast, Pattern Recognition, Rubik’s Cube, The Matrix, Eternity, The DaVinci Code, Nokia Game, The Game, and Majestic (whew!), PS promises to be a ride like none other, at least in our opinion.

The teaser page already has a couple puzzles for the curious, and you can sign up to be informed of the launch. For those of you who are inclined, you can also apply to be a part of the development team.  Project Syzygy is scheduled to launch in late 2004. Looking forward to it!

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