Our good friend Patrick Möller over at ARGR has tipped us off to what might be the first alternate reality game to originate in Germany. It launched on May 18th, and is called Rettet den Fußball which, loosely translated, means “Save the Football”. According to Patrick, the story involves a professor who finds seven statues on an archaeological excavation that look like footballers (soccer players) and dancers. Using various communication venues, players will be sent on the trail of thieves who steal all but one of the statues — and there might just be a prize at the end of the game. The game has already received press coverage in Germany at the Deutsche Telekom web site, and Patrick has articles up at his ARG news site as well.

With the help of online translator services, the game could feasibly be followed by non-German speakers, so it’s worth taking a look at. The group behind the game, Gastfreunde, is made up of students and is quite open about the project, so we can assume that the effort has been made to make this an excellent experience. We certainly wish them well on their first journey behind the curtain.