I Am Blind logoWe got a weird call late last week that, at first, I couldn’t figure out. After asking the staff to help decipher, they discovered that the breathy, computer-generated voice was telling us us that we were “alone in the darkness” and instructing us to send our mailing address to [email protected].

Moments ago, we sent our snail mail addy to that email, so we’ll see what happens. While you wait, why not head over to iamblind.org and mouse over the center image, where multiple voices seem to be filling in the blank in the statement, “The last thing I want to see is _____.”

* * *

Aha, a quick update! That email we sent just a few minutes ago bounced back. We tried with two other addresses, fearing that Gmail was the problem, but alas, even an email from my ISP-hosted address came back with an error. Guess we won’t be getting a Christmas card from the I Am Blind folks. Aw, shucks.