Eagle Eye Freefall

A new alternate reality game, Eagle Eye Freefall, has launched to promote the upcoming Steven Spielberg movie Eagle Eye. While the game lasts only ten minutes, it’s jam-packed with action and fun that will keep even the most jaded ARG player on the edge of their seat. Seriously. One can only hope that this is the first chapter of a much longer ARG.

The upcoming movie stars Shia LeBouf and Michelle Monaghan and is directed by D.J. Caruso with Steven Spielberg as executive producer. The movie follows two strangers, played by LeBouf and Monaghan, whose live are turned upside down by a mysterious woman phone caller. The woman controls their every move by threatening their lives if they disobey. In the Freefall ARG, you too will be controlled by this mystery woman, so beware!

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