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The Legacy of Julian Teng

julianteng.jpgWe received a game tip in the email inbox a few days ago about The Legacy of Julian Teng which contains what we are being told is a unique clue to the launch of the game. According to the email, the alternate reality game ties in with the World of Warcraft universe but will be played out at various Internet sites, including the GamerDNA.com forums.

For those that are already playing, or are interested in playing, here is our exclusive clue:


There is a further opportunity to win another clue by heading over to http://randomeis.gamerdna.com/images/argnet where registered members of gamerDNA can “vote up the image.” By voting up the image, our community may receive another, “very exclusive clue.”

The email goes on to talk about the story behind The Legacy of Julain Teng: “Brian Morgan and his friends started playing World of Warcraft to stay in touch last summer, but Brian’s research into the mysterious Tunguska event and the life of Julian Teng has caused them to grow further apart than they could have imagined. The last time anyone saw Brian Morgan he was playing a Tauren called Tunguska on Korialstrasz in World of Warcraft in mid-November. Nobody has heard from him since. ” Sounds juicy!

You can get involved by heading to the character’s group website and there has been a separate area created for puzzle solving and speculating. There’s a wiki set up at Wikibruce and a thread at the Unfiction forums to catch you up to speed.

UPDATE: Sneak Peek at Heroes 360, Now Heroes Evolution

heroes_exp.jpgThere’s something to be said about major broadcasters who go out of their way to bring interactive content to their dedicated viewership, so when we were tipped off about the continuation of “Heroes Evolution”, the official Heroes ARG, we were quite pleased. This is the same game we began talking about almost a year ago, which we previously knew as the Heroes 360 Experience, so those of you familiar with web sites such as primatechpaper.com and YamagatoFellowship.org are going to be happy to know that the campaign will most likely continue to use these resources.

The announcement of the next stage of the game is part of a press release we dug up at The Futon Critic in which the message is clear — NBC is big on transmedia experiences. On top of announcing expansive digital experiences for new series “Lipstick Jungle” and “Knight Rider,” the release contained this:

The next chapter in the highly anticipated “Heroes” online mythology continues with “Heroes Evolution.” Fans will discover intriguing new back-story and plot twists through the “Heroes” online and mobile micro-sites. The popular graphic novel continues in originals all winter long as well.

So, we mentioned an sneak peek, right? Well, it’s waiting for you, just after the jump, so click on to bask in the glory of exclusive, unreleased content!

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