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eye.jpgLast week, we reported on a greeting card we received here at ARGN. While we couldn’t make heads nor tails from the card, the intrepid folks at unfiction discovered a trail of similar greeting cards that looks like it does indeed lead to what looks like an Alternate Reality Game.

Players have found two websites so far: vagabondsojourn.net and astrostole.com, which in turn leads to a forum entitled Persistence. The story so far seems to involve eight characters who are on the run from someone/something. The story has involved some good puzzles, and the posts on the board are reminiscent of previous bands of hackers that have shown up in various games past.

While very intriguing so far, it’s still tough to say exactly what this is, or how deep it will go. Time will tell. YMMV.

Discussion at Unfiction.

Dare to Look up to God

dare.jpgWell, it seems there’s never any shortage of strange things received in the mail around here at the ARGN ultralounge. Today, we received a cryptic greeting card, which is not unusual, being the popular folks we are. At first we thought it was just another birthday card, but the greeting was a little……odd:

“Dare to look up to God,” it advised. Erm, OK. Either someone was very concerned about my eternal well being, or it was….A CLUE! Looking closer, the background revealed faint text and a series of tables with number on them. Inside, it was simply an unsigned page with the text, “Do You Dare?”

Well, yes we do, as a matter of fact, so the ARGN staff leapt into action and promptly went off to the internet anagram server, which led us to Good Polkadot Route, which of course led us to goodpolkadotroute.com, which led to……….nothing.

OK, seeing as we’re getting ready to head out to the Game Developers Conference, things were promptly turned over to the fine folks at Unfiction to chew on. So far, nobody’s solved anything, but there’s no telling where these things may lead. After all, we didn’t think much of that bear full of honey last summer, and look where it took us.

So, chalk this up as another mystery ARGN delivery, for what it’s worth. YMMV.

Discussion at Unfiction.

In other news, stayed tuned throughout the week for reports from the Game Developers Conference 2005 in San Francisco. Folks are about to take major notice of Alternate Reality Gaming, and we will be there to report on all the fun!