Merrick.jpgThere’s been a lot of ARGishness in Hollywood these days, and the new release of “The Island” by director Michael Bay is no exception. While it is still uncertain whether the alternate reality will actually turn into a game after the opening this weekend, there is definitely at least a good creative try going on.

So far, there are only a couple sites available. There’s the official movie site, with wholesome promotional goodness (and some creepy video from the film to boot!), the (in-game?) area of Merrick Biotech, and the meta-fence straddling You Have Been Chosen site. Most of these sites have logins, so who knows what may or may not happen there in the near future.

While those areas are definitely plugs for the film (almost every site contains either desktop images or AIM icons), the most promising area for future gaming is at the “anti-cloing” site CloneWatch, where there are forums set up, and some cryptic postings as well as a couple genuinely creepy pictures, if you dig (semi) deeply.

While nothing is “launched” as of yet, rest assured that ARGN will fill you in if events develop!