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Our down time, explained

network_cablesIf you’ve arrived at the site in the past few hours and had some trouble connecting, there’s a good reason. Our lovely (and I’m not being snarky, I do like them a lot) hosts at Dreamhost have been responding to my support emails about intermittent downtime today, and they have offered to move the site to a newer server!

This hopefully means fewer problems and improved uptime, and if there are any problems along the way, they’ll be helping out with that as well. So, if you find the site hard to get to in the next 72 hours, it’s a temporary effect of a more permanent solution.

Network Outages

network_01.jpgThrough the course of today, ARGNet may or may not have been unavailable, or may have been slow or sluggish. Our host has had sporadic, random problems with their servers today, especially (we found, anyway) with their SQL servers. We apologize if the site was misbehaving for anyone earlier, but things seem to be fine now, so hopefully they have their problems fixed.

A New Look, A New Mission

ARGN is sporting a new look, as well as a new purpose. The Alternate Reality Gaming Network is becoming just that: a true network of independent sites contributing to Alternate Reality Gaming. More than just a simple webring, ARGN will always point you to quality, complementary places to go if you’re looking for info related to this growing genre.

ARGN will become the hub for this new affiliation of sites, a place where you will always be able to find a listing of interesting places to go, as well as an archive of ARGs gone by.

In addition, you can find a web-based chat applet with a listing of cool channels to join to talk in real time with other players, and we are sponsoring a mailing list whereby you can always stay informed of news and announcements of new and suspected ARGs.