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Welcome to the new recruits!

welcome.jpgJust before the holidays, we asked our readers to come forward and join our staff of volunteers, and wouldn’t you know it, some of you did just that. Now that the craziness of the holiday season is over and we are firmly planted in 2009, we’d like to make things official by welcoming our new staffers!

John Fogg joined the ranks of the ARGonauts in 2002 when he followed along with Push, Nevada, the short-lived television series with an extended reality and a one million dollar prize. According to his staff bio, he spends a lot of free time researching cross-platform narratives and stories that play out in a non-traditional ways, and so far he has written about Natalie Ross and Breathe, the new project by Expanding Universe.

Tim Hill is a filmmaker and storyteller from the sunny shores of Australia, earning him the distinction of being our sole international staffer in a while. Tim is the creator of Jack Kain an interactive film that takes place on the Internet. He is the only person on staff that I know of who “debat(es) the merits of fluoridated water.” Tim has written a lovely article on This is My Milwaukee, an experience that has created a great deal of buzz within the ARG community and beyond.

Robbie Smith describes himself as, “a flash-developer by day and comic nerd by night.” He got involved with the Dark Knight ARG and hasn’t looked back since. Robbie wrote a recent article on Transition Village and a brilliant feature called The Family That Games Together in which he details how he managed to get his mother involved with Project Abraham. We imagine Robbie might not be celebrating the recent NCAA football title win by the Florida Gators, seeing as how he is a rabid fan of the state rival Seminoles of Florida State.

Once again, we welcome our new writers to the fold, and know that their contributions will mean even more news about ARGs, cross-media experiences, extended realities and anything else we might dig up, tune into or have sent to us in the mail.

ARGNet Staff: A New Member, a New Role, and New Opportunities

23806838.jpgWe here at ARGNet would like to recognize the addition of a new team member, and the promotion of another. First, we’re happy to announce that long-time ARG community member Celina Beach (aka celina63) has joined our staff, and has already published a great article about Project Osprey. Celina was an invaluable resource at the latest ARGFest, recording video of all the panel discussions, which were later encoded and uploaded to Youtube. She is also a frequent panelist on the ARG Netcast series. Welcome, Celina!

Second, we’re ecstatic to tell you that Marie Lamb has moved up in the ARGNet ranks to become an associate editor. For those unaware of the responsibilities involved, Marie now has the dubious distinction of reading through, proofreading and publishing staff and reader-submitted articles, as well as answering emails and messages sent through our contact form. This is a big responsibility, especially for a volunteer (which we all still are), so we’re very grateful to the very lovely and wonderful Marie. She will work with Jessica Price and me to make sure that all the news that’s fit to print will get out to our readers in a timely fashion.

Speaking of articles, are you up for the task of writing short, blurbtastic news items about currently active games? Do you have a rumor that you want your fellow readers to know about? Is there a feature article or editorial burning in the back of your mind that you simply must publish before it gives you a stroke? Well, we’ve got a deal for you — ARGNet is looking for writers, and we think you might be someone we’re looking for. We have openings for staff writers who are interested in working in a professional(ish), fun, interesting environment, so if you want to help us crank the news out as a volunteer writer, drop us a line.

Welcome to our Recently Added Staff!

1writer3-med.jpgAs the steady stream of news concerning alternate reality news continues to keep us very busy here at ARGNet, we are pleased to announce the addition of six staff members since we put out our open call for writers in January. Joining us are Jessie Greene, Michael Andersen, Brian Clark, Will Emigh, Geoff May and Andy Darley — be sure to check out their work at our author archive, and to read their bios at our staff page.

Tweaking ARGN / New Staff

gears2.jpgIn an ongoing mission to keep this site functional and relevant, we will be making some minor changes to ARGN in the next few weeks. Most of which will go unnoticed by the untrained eye, but some will be evident. The content and focus of the site will remain the same. We have already implemented two changes — the move to a new version of our publishing software, and the addition of comments (time-limited and moderated) to our articles, which started on April 11. We appreciate your ongoing support as we tinker with the way the site operates — feel free to contact us if you have issues with the web site functionality.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to recognize three new staff members who have joined us in the past month — Will Bagby, Marie Lamb, and Michelle Senderhauf. All three are long-time ARG community members with experience behind the curtain as game developers, and we are very fortunate to have them on board.