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ReGenesis: Relaunch and Award Nomination!

regenesis.jpgTwo bits of exciting information coming out of the ReGenesis camp this week, one concerning the relaunch of the series on public television, and the other regarding the nomination of the ReGenesis website for a major Canadian award.

We last reported on ReGenesis back in October of 2004 when the series was first aired on Movie Central and The Movie Network, both subscription-based cable networks in Canada. The series included an ARG element, or “extended reality” to it. Now, almost a year later, ReGenesis is enjoying a resurgence in popularity with the broadcast of Season One on Canadian public television channel Global. (Unfortunately, there is no current syndication deal for any networks outside of Canada.) With the re-airing of the series on Global comes the relaunch of the web-based ARG. This is the first instance of an “replayed” ARG — that is, the reset and replay of an ARG that had previously run its course.

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Regenesis Wins CNMA Award

cnma_evan_tn.jpgThe Extended Reality project for ReGenesis was presented with the Canadian New Media Award (CNMA) for Excellence in Cross Platform for its innovative work in combining a traditional television broadcast with an alternate reality game component, branded as an Extended Reality by producer Xenophile Media. Lead Designer, Evan Jones, was also honored with the award for Top Graduate of the Year. Congratulations to Evan and the ReGenesis team on the well deserved honors.

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E3 Report: Alternate Reality Games Bust Out

e3entrancethumb.jpgGreetings from sunny Los Angeles! This year’s E3 is proving to be a landmark occasion in the world of Alternate Reality Gaming. Not only is there a veritable ARG Development Team (Puppetmaster) Summit going on, with representatives from five different teams in attendance, but this whole ARG thing is creating quite a stir, especially on the exhibition floor.

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More Awards for Alternate Reality Games

trophy.jpgRecognition for Alternate Reality Games is continuing to build with yet more media-related awards and nominations announced this week.

Regenesis Extended Reality won the FITC Design & Technology Award for Convergence. The FITC is one of Canada’s largest annual new media festivals. You can check out all of the winners at the FITC 2005 Awards website. In addition, ReGenesis Extended Reality was nominated for a Canada New Media Award for a Cross-Platform Project, which is arguably one of the top awards in Canada. The Canadian New Media Awards will honour individuals and companies in 19 categories on May 30th in Toronto. Congratulations, Xenophile Media!

If you missed Regenesis when it originally aired, it’s been announced that Season I will be shown on Canada’s Global Television Network this fall, effectively exposing the series to a much bigger Canadian audience. Additionally, Regenesis is scheduled to air on the Sci-Fi Channel in the UK this summer. Whether or not a replay of the extended reality game will occur in conjuntion remains a mystery at this point, however.

As we previously reported, I Love Bees is up for a 2005 Webby Award, although its run for a People’s Voice Award seems to be undeservedly out of reach at this point. The Webby Award winners will be announced at a gala celebration on June 6th at Gotham Hall in New York City, while the People’s Voice Award winners will be announced on May 3rd.

With all the mainstream recognition ARGs have been getting lately, we can surely look forward to seeing more and more of them in the very near future.

Regenesis Nominated for FITC Award

regenesis.jpgIt was announced today that the Alternate Reality Game Regenesis: Extended Reality has been nominated for a Convergence Award by the FlashInTheCan Design & Technology Festival, which is one of Canada’s largest annual new media festivals. In addition, Regenesis qualifies in the People’s Choice Awards, which are based on voting by the general public. So, if you enjoyed Regenesis, feel free to hop on over there to make your opinions known.

Congratulations go out to Evan Jones and the Regenesis team on this! It’s so great to see more evidence that people are not only taking notice of ARGs, but recognize them as the excellent and innovative new vehicle that it is. The future’s looking better and better, as far as mainstream Alternate Reality Games are concerned.

Speaking of people taking note, The Guardian has published a great article on Perplex City (and Alternate Reality Gaming in general) today. Be sure to check it out.

Regenesis Post-Game Puppetmaster Chat: January 31, 2005

regenesis.JPGThe Production team behind the Alternate Reality Game for the recent Canadian TV series Regenesis will be featured in an upcoming moderated IRC chat on Monday, January 31st, 2005 at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern. They will be fielding questions and giving a behind the scenes look at the world that’s been consuming them for the past 15 weeks.

Regenesis’ final episode will air January 23rd, bringing the accompanying ARG portion to a conclusion as well. The Regenesis Extended Reality, as it was called, was developed by a team at Xenophile Media, and was groundbreaking in that it was the most extensive Alternate Reality Game that has been officially tied to a television series to date.

Regenesis was a biotech thriller produced for Canada’s The Movie Network/Movie Central that premiered on October 24th. Players of the Extended Reality received emails from the game during the show’s airings, and gathered together on ingame boards at ScienceSucks.com to figure out the nefarious goings on at the North American Biotechnology Advisory Commision (NORBAC).

The chat will be moderated (attendees will only be able to speak while asking questions) and is scheduled to last about an hour and a half.

When: January 31st, 2005 at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern
Where: #regenesis on irc.chat-solutions.org (browser-based access here)

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