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Still Life Prelude Begins

stillbridge.JPGIt seems that the Extended Reality Game that was announced to accompany Microids’ new adventure game Still Life has begun. A look at the website now reveals a link to Still Life Prelude, which leads to a brief introduction and then to Victoria McPherson’s Liberty 1.3 OS desktop (nicely provided by Lombartech).

There, the player will find tons of hints in the form of emails, to-do lists, links to other in-game sites, and even various crypto tools. From the intro:

“You will be playing Victoria McPherson…..and instead of watching her move through streets and corridors, you will be seeing what she sees every day as she works from her desk, investigating, gathering information and puzzling through clues in a race against time to prevent a killer from striking again. As you and Victoria do this together, you’ll have to deal with the Press, your supervisor, trouble with friends, and a mysterious ally.

“All of this is going to happen on Victoria’s desktop, through journal entries, news reports and email interaction. Remember: You’ll be Victoria’s eyes and hands, so you’ll be opening her journal every morning, responding to her email and piecing together the clues that will bring a killer to justice.”

Additionally, Still Life Prelude is aimed at a global audience, being made available in English, French, Italian and German.

This looks like it could be a lot of fun. Oh, and for those of you familiar with past ARGs, check out the Credits page for some familiar names.

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The End of the World, Rumors, and Grassroots Startups

th_SanJose1.jpgSeems there’s lots of stuff simmering right now in the ARG world. The problem is, nothing seems to be quite breaking the surface yet. While some point to major mainstream projects, there are numerous instances of grassroots efforts struggling to launch and get attention.

Perplex City seems to be in its final stages of development, as well as getting a good amount of press. No hint yet on when the official launch will be, but a recent email and video indicate that it’s got to be getting close. Meanwhile, players are still waiting and watching for the announced Still Life Extended Reality Game to show further signs of life.

On the rumor front, there are reports cropping up about strange sightings of graffiti, posters and television bumpers all with the same slogan in Latin: “Omnium Finis Imminet,” which loosely translates to “The end of all things is near.” Popular wisdom is that this is a viral effort leading into the upcoming Spielberg adaptation of War of the Worlds or some SciFi miniseries. The photos of the graffiti do seem to be photoshopped, and are better in quality and composition than your average amateur would take, so there does seem to be something going on here.

Meanwhile, there are quite a few grassroots projects attempting to gain momentum. These include Project Ashcroft, Synagoga, Entrapment, and Albrecht Wasser. As with any indie game, play at your own risk, as your mileage may vary.

Still Life Extended Reality Game Announced

Adventure Gamers reports that Microids is creating an online Alternate Reality Game to promote their upcoming murder-mystery adventure Still Life, which is due to be released on April 14, 2005.

Microids is calling their game an Extended Reality Experience, and it will encompass multiple websites, centering around the characters from Still Life, along with some created specifically for the ARG. The story will evolve through various media as players follow hints provided by the alternate reality itself, and the marketing materials surrounding the game.

Clues are to begin appearing on the network of ingame websites soon. Keep an eye on the Still Life website (and ARGN) for further developments.

[EDIT: An apparent trailhead has been found. Check out Lombartech.com.]