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Perplex City Cube Found by Rand0m Player!

Receda%20Cube%20-%20sm.jpgThree years after the Receda Cube’s disappearance, Perplexians can breathe a sigh of relief — the Cube is finally on its way back to Perplex City. Earlier today, Andy Darley (aka Rand0m of the Unfiction forums) visited the Mind Candy office in London to exchange the Cube for his $200,000 reward.

Darley, an amateur archaeologist, found the Cube buried in Wakerley Great Wood, a historic ancient woodland 110 miles north of London. He spent three days digging trenches in the woods before he spotted the Cube in wet clay. Darley could hardly believe that he beat over 50,000 other people to the prize.

In a press release, Darley was quoted as saying, “Of all the 50,000 players, from all these different countries, I never thought for a moment I would be the person to find the Cube. I was playing for the puzzles, and the stories, but it was only a few days ago that I thought I was in with a chance. As I pulled the Cube from the sticky, wet clay, and even after I’d found it, as I was waiting to return the Cube, all I could think about is how bizarre the whole thing really was.”

The game’s in-game newspaper, the Perplex City Sentinel, reports that Perplexian celebrations are in high gear in honor of Darley and his fellow puzzle-solving Earthlings. There are also Earthly celebrations in store for people who can make it down to London on Saturday, February 24th, with a time and location yet to be announced.

Hopefully, more details will be released soon as to the exact location of the Cube and exactly how Darley waded through the myriad of puzzles and clues to find it. With Perplex City’s second season starting in a few weeks, news of the discovery will likely inspire new and returning players to hop on board. One can only hope there won’t be another cube to dig up! Also, we have requested an interview with Darley, so that we can focus more on his experiences as a whole after bringing finality to Season One of the Perplex City game.

Congratulations from all of us here at ARGNet, Andy, on finding one of the most sought-after prizes in alternate reality gaming history, and congratulations to all of the players for their tireless efforts and dedication to the game as it wound its way through the fabric of the past three years.

Andy%20Darley%20and%20Adrian%20Hon%20-%20sm.jpg Andy%20Darley%20-%20sm.jpg Receda%20Cube%20Close-Up%20-%20sm.jpg

Photos for this article courtesy of Sandbox Strategies

Sable & Shuck Winners

jonharker.jpgBelated congratulations go out to community members Wishi-San and Meak, who were two of the four winners in the Sable & Shuck ARG. A promotional device for Stella Artois beer, the Sable & Shuck ARG ran from September of 2004 until wrapping up in June of this year. Because the final puzzle was never solved, contest organizers announced earlier this month that they would split the grand prize of £10946 between the four that “were most worthy of the prize”. That means that Wishi-San and Meak each get a nice £2,736.50 slice of the pie. Bravo to them and the other two unidentified winners!

Virtucube Winner Announced

vcube.jpgAccording to the Virtuquest website, a winner has been announced in the Virtucube Multi-Layered Puzzle contest. Richard Patterson, who lives in the United Kingdom, is the winner of $500 cash prize. The contest ran for well over ten months, a formidable challenge for all those who took part. Congratulations, Richard, and we hope you lend your talents to helping us solve future ARG puzzles in years to come.

Deaddrop Announces Puzzle Winner

puzzle.jpgOur friends over at Deaddrop have announced that there has been a winner in their ARG Puzzle Contest. Actually, one winner with two runners-up.

Rather than just post the winners, they have decided to instead post a puzzle trail, in true ARG fashion. This trail is comprised of the remainder of the puzzle submissions, and the ultimate solve will reveal who won. So, if you’re looking for a nice distraction, join in on the fun and help discover the winners.

The top puzzles will be featured in an upcoming ARG, with full credits to be posted at that time.

Puzzle trail Discussion at Unfiction.
Chat in #ddtrail (irc.chat-solutions.com)

Sharp’s Urns ARG Announces Winner

Sharp’s promotional ARG, Legend of the Sacred Urns, announced a winner tonight in their alternate reality treasure hunt. As posted on the Steinitz Puzzlers Forum, the Contest Grand Prize Winner was Ohio’s Ken Floss. Ken was the first to submit a correct answer identifying the location of the third sacred urn back on Dec. 1st. There were also six sweepstakes winners drawn at random from those who submitted entries.

Beginning back on September 15th, a series of Sharp TV ads featuring an orange Karmann Ghia crashing into a swimming pool directed observant viewers to moretosee.com, which led to the Steinitz Puzzlers site. There, players learned about fictional eccentric treasure hunter Dagobert Steinitz and the three urns he’d hidden for other adventurers to find. The game led to various blogs and websites where players were able to find clues pointing them to the final urn’s location.

For being the first to submit the correct location, Ken will receive a Sharp Home Entertainment System, consisting of a Sharp 45-inch Aquos LCD TV, a Sharp digital video player and Surround Sound amplification system.

Urns was produced by Mike Monello (the producer of “The Blair Witch Project”) and Brian Clark of GMD Studios in Orlando.