Update: Folding the Wish

cranesLast month, I asked for your help in making one thousand wish-filled cranes to send to Dave Szulborski for the Folding the Wish project. I’m delighted to say that the ARG community faced the challenge head on. In a little over two weeks time, more than one thousand cranes were made and shipped to me from at least seven different countries.

The cranes varied from the most delicate and tiny (no larger than a quarter) to the most extravagant made with handmade paper. Some even included a puzzle or two!

The cranes were carefully strung together and sent on their way last week, arriving on Dave’s doorstep one day before he was discharged from the hospital.

Thanks to everyone who helped on this very special project. For pictures and a message from Dave, visit his website – www.daveszulborski.com/folding.html.

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  1. Glenn Rubenstein

    May 16, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    Dave Szulborski is amazingly talented and an incredibly nice guy – one truly deserving of such an impressive effort and show of support. Best wishes to Dave in his recovery and beyond.

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