jonharker.jpgUnfiction member MaxSteele writes in with the following:

On October 13, community member Addlepated discovered
href=”” target=_blank”>Giantology

from a video showing a colossal discovery on the coast of Southern
India posted on
. Over the next several days, different
entries appeared on this site ranging from an underwater
statue/fossil of a fish in the Philippines
to giant
footprints found in Northeastern Iran

On October 21, an entry titled “Giant Creature Discovered in Siberia”
appeared on the site. The entry linked to
href=”” target=”_blank”>Arkady Simkin’s personal
. On here, there was a
and a
href=”″ target=”_blank”>
radio interview
detailing the discovery of a “mammoth type
creature” found in the Arctic by irregular radar readings.

After sending an email asking if Mr. Simkin wanted assistance, I
received a very lengthy email reply from a friend of his who told me
the site had been compromised, and Mr. Simkin’s email link changed to
a different one. His apartment has also been ransacked, and he is
currently ‘out of sight from those who would like to find him’.

Is this real? Is it the start of a big production ARG? Either way,
there is definitely activity surrounding this discovery. I believe
our community should begin to take a look. If nothing else, our
abilities to find out information and problem solving could help with
this new find in the Arctic.

Discussion and information can be found here. Thanks, Max!