puppetmaster.jpgAfter several successful chats last fall, the aspiring Puppetmasters hanging around the unfiction forums tricked Brooke Thompson into setting up a very ambitious online chat series aimed at helping potential Puppetmasters, whether they’re looking to develop grassroots (indie) or professional games. The two month long series (every Sunday until April 25) will follow game development from the earliest stages of team development to game launch to the rising of the curtain at the end.

For those unfamiliar with Brooke, she is an experienced Puppetmaster most widely known for her work on Metacortechs, Lockjaw, and the “quickstart guide”. She is also a contributing staff member here at Alternate Reality Gaming News. She is someone who is constantly “in the know” in matters involving ARG, and this is a great opportunity for those out there who want to take a serious look at creating and developing an ARG.

Puppetmasters, both experienced and aspiring, are encouraged to attend and to bring their questions, thoughts, and experiences with them. As always, privacy and discretion will be addressed and if there are points or questions that one would like to raise anonymously, you are welcome to forward them to Brooke before or during the chat. Players are also welcome as games are ultimately designed with their interests in mind.

Chats will be held in #pmchat on irc.chat-solutions.org at 2100 UTC (4:00PM EST) every Sunday. If you do not have an IRC client, you can always head over to our Java chat platform to join in. For more information, such as the schedule and how to access the chat, please see the #pmchat announcement on the Unfiction forums.