ARG Netcast, Episode 14: Cow Farts

argnetcast.jpgIt’s a whole new world for the ARG Netcast series. We have our spiffy new website, and a whole new attitude. It’s like Extreme Makeover, ARG style! Episode 14‘s panel, hosted by ARGnet‘s Jonathan Waite, includes Jessica Price, Marie Lamb, Jackie Kerr, and Sean C. Stacey. Subscribe to the ARG Netcast feed through this link or via iTunes.

Head over to the new site for all of the details. Please note: because of the move to the new site, the iTunes podcast number has changed, so many of you regular subscribers will need to update your bookmarks in iTunes.

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  1. Hi – Just wanted to say that I’m pretty new to ARGs – only have gotten my feet wet with Perplex City – and have found your netcasts/podcasts to be a great source of information and learning for me. I’m really enjoying them and love the feedback your panel gives on the various games, issues, and who’s who within the PMs, sponsors, and players.

    Keep up the good work!

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